Prior to any admittance to the service, the individuals care manager will complete an assessment of need. This assessment will identify the individual’s personal support and care requirements and give an overview on the level of support needed. We will assess whether we can provide this support and care before we agree to offering a place within our service.

We will ensure that support workers are trained, supervised and supported to provide a range of support and where required, personal care services for people in order to meet their individual needs. With consideration to each individual’s assessment of need, staff may require additional training and guidance prior to us delivering a service to that person.

Staff that provide personal care services will have their practice guided by values, and will;

  • Encourage individuals to express their choice of where, when, how and by whom they receive their personal care.
  • Ensure the dignity of the individual is given high priority when any aspect of personal care is provided.
  • Endeavour to form good working relationships with individuals in order to establish mutual trust.
  • Enable the people we support to care for themselves wherever possible and maintain their independence
  • Provide support and care in such a way that embraces their diversity and meets the personal, emotional and cultural values of an individual as well as their physical needs
  • Each person we support will have a person centred plan which will identify their individual personal care requirements
  • and daily routines. As stated above, they will be encouraged and promoted to direct their own support wherever we can
  • facilitate this and at all other times, service delivery will be done in the individual best interest at that time.
  • Basic personal care tasks include support with;
  • Bathing
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Eating & drinking
  • Continence Care
  • Mobility and transfers.
  • Administration of prescribed medication - both orally and topically.