Oakenshaw House

Oakenshaw House is situated just off the main road in Whitworth overlooking Healey Dell and with easy reach of Rochdale. The house sits in its own private and secure grounds in a quiet cut-de-sac not far from Healey House.

Oakenshaw House provides accommodation and 24 hour support for five adults age 18 and over. We primarily support people who have learning disabilities, which may include associated mental health issues, sensory impairment and autism. We also support people whose behaviour may be considered to be challenging to service provision.

Our staff will always work closely with other agencies, family friends and representatives to ensure that each person receives a quality needs led service

The aims of the service

The overall aim of the service is to enable people to lead safe and fulfilling lives with positive outcomes. Oakenshaw House offers flexible and high quality person centred support in a stimulating and comfortable environment. We will promote self-fulfilment and support each person to develop new skills to meet to their potential. We will listen to the people we support and act on what they tell us. We will use the information people tell us about how we can make improvements to develop the service and to guide future service delivery. We will provide ‘just enough support’ so the person is not de-skilled and we will provide this support in the way the individual wants it or in their best interest where they cannot self-direct their own support

All the Care Homes have been extensively modified to accommodate people’s individual requirements. Bedrooms are decorated to meet the choice and needs of the individual. Each house has a large communal area with kitchen, dining area, TV lounges and quiet areas, giving the homes a warm comfortable environment that people find stimulating and safe. All the homes are serviced 24 hours a day by qualified support staff to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people we support.